About us




もし長岡技大に入学し,本研究室での研究を希望される方は,入試願書に希望する指導教員の許可が必要であるため,事前にメールで t-hayama<at>kjs.nagaokaut.ac.jpまで ご相談ください.

For foreign students

In our Laboratory, we conduct researches to develop intelligent systems and groupware (i.e., software for group) based on information science and artificial intelligence approaches.
We also conduct the analysis of big data, such as students’ learning data, data on social network service and sensor data of human behaviors .
If you would like to know more specific contents of our research, please refer to “Projects” on the top page. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our research.

If you wish to apply as an international research student or take the special examination for international master’s/doctoral students, please inform me (t-hayama<at>kjs.nagaokaut.ac.jp) by email, as permission from a supervisor is required.